“Yep, son, we have met the enemy and he is us.” —Walt Kelly. Pogo.

We live in a political-economic-sociocultural matrix that keeps most of us enslaved. As slaves, our lives had been owned, and we had been compelled to perform for others. In contrast to our brothers and sisters who have been slaves in a narrow sense, most of us in Slaves Anonymous had let ourselves be entrapped in a “soft” form of slavery. As our denial faded and our mental clarity improved, we saw how we too had rarely been free.

Because of our diversity of experiences, each member of Slaves Anonymous defines the problems of slavery in his or her own way. Precise language helps us to be more honest and reflects our growing acceptance. No matter how your relationship to the enslaving system, we welcome you who have a desire for self-ownership and willingness to help create the conditions that can lead to emancipation in our local communities.



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