As slaves in denial and metanoia, we did not understand the matrix of control. The slave masters had “owned” us through the actions of their proxies.

As we study the matrix, we begin to see how our entanglements with it had been created and maintained. Consequently, we are able to grow in self-ownership. Because we are caring, social beings, we want to help others through our interactions. Peer education during meetings is a way that we can teach what we discover and learn from others about the matrix. This process is a touchstone that initiates the creation of emancipation in our local communities.

Writing is a helpful way to clarify the concepts and beliefs that we use in our lives. Through our written research reports, we can spread our understanding to members of other groups who we might not otherwise have an opportunity to learn from us. And as other groups create the conditions necessary to emancipate their communities, our communities grow stronger, too.

List of Reports

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