Within the matrix, slaves are easier to predict and control as members of groups that act in concert. Almost without exception, groups that have the potential to emancipate their communities have been either created by the proxies of slave masters to serve as controlled opposition or the groups' leaders are soon co-opted by the proxies.

For example, early Alcoholics Anonymous was strongly influenced by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. “Friends” of Rockefeller sat on the board of directors of the Alcohol Foundation. They worked to sabotage fund raising that could have spread the influence of A.A. more broadly. They helped establish the traditions of A.A. that discouraged groups from acting with autonomy, creativity, or potency outside their meetings, because it might “affect” other groups or detract from their “primary purpose”. Consequently, a diversity of transcendence-filled, collective actions by A.A. members to improve their communities is rare.

Because Slaves Anonymous groups create emancipation in their local communities, infiltration and sabotage will be ongoing concerns. As each member and potential member grows in self-ownership, we encourage him or her to start a group, so that our collective risks are reduced.


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