A vision for us

Regardless of how kindly we treat others in the global society of slaves, our caring and love will be moot unless we can help create the conditions necessary for emancipation in our local communities. You can create this in your community; and I, in mine.

You have a connection with transcendence that will lead your creativity and passion to find effective responses to individual and shared predicaments. You can help a neighbor to learn to discern and connect with his or her potency, so that your autonomy and diversity will be your strength.

Founder's Message

The initial Slaves Anonymous documents have been written using the plural ( “we” ) to suggest a consensus and gravity of beliefs among many persons. In reality, however, the efforts of one person is solely responsible for the visions of our core program. The founder encourages each group to act autonomously. Be wary of blindly following the directions of members of other groups. You are capable of studying and understanding the steps, traditions and other writings through a careful, critical review. As you support each other to grow as self-owners, please let yourself be guided by the transcendent as you create your own visions for your communities and modify this program to better support your activities outside the matrix of control.

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