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The slave masters want their slaves to be isolated and fighting against each other. By forming a Slaves Anonymous group, we have the means to support each other and collaborate toward the creation of the conditions necessary for emancipation from the matrix of control.

What Is Needed to Start a Group?


If you have a passion for emancipation, you will sustain the effort needed to overcome obstacles that can arise as you work toward creating strong Slaves Anonymous groups.


Having one or two others who are committed to participating in your group can help it become a success. Seeking allies and cultivating these important relationships in your local community is invaluable.


Start thinking about what you need for a meeting space. Investigate possible venues as each location has its pros and cons. As your groups become established, encourage group members to form other groups in your region.


Whether you act deliberately or spontaneously, your success is more likely with plans to guide you. Of course, be flexible and revise your plans as you proceed.


Although most persons won't ever participate in Slaves Anonymous, absolutely no one will participate if they don't know about it. Start developing your initial marketing campaigns using inexpensive, effective ways to reach your target audience like the strategies known as “guerrilla marketing”.

Established Groups

Groups Starting to Form

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