Slaves Anonymous

Slaves Anonymous is a group of self-identified slaves at various levels of self-ownership. Instead of isolating, members of Slaves Anonymous support each other to create the conditions necessary for emancipation from the matrix of control in our local communities.

At group meetings, we speak honestly, listen attentively, and share stories of our difficulties, successes, visions and concerns. We discuss topics chosen by the group leaders, present research reports, ask questions and create action plans.

Because we use steps and traditions that are antithetical to the ones used by 12-step groups, we are not a 12-step group. We envision emancipation and take creative action toward this goal. Because our activity might be interpreted as dissent, slave masters and their proxies may try to sabotage our groups and harass us individually. Consequently, we take care to respect the anonymity of other Slaves Anonymous members when interacting in public.

We sometimes use Patrick Association, Entropy Institute, or other names as an alternative group designation that is less “controversial”.

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