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Have you been affected by oppression?

For each of the following twenty statements, respond "yes" if you agree or "no" if you disagree.

  1. We are depressed and self-destructive because we lost our idealism.
  2. We need others to take care of us because we lost our hopes and dreams.
  3. We numb ourselves and shut down our hostile feelings because we could not function.
  4. We strike out at those we resent because we were unappreciated.
  5. We rely on others to take care of us because we lost our identity and became self-defeating.
  6. We worry that we will be disposed from power because we dominated everyone around us.
  7. We act impulsively and unpredictably because we isolated to the point of ineffectiveness.
  8. We strike out and hurt others because we felt inferior and defeated.
  9. We seek balance by being obsessive and compulsive because we acted manic with racing, uncontrollable thoughts.
  10. We have lost our liberties because we alternately rebelled and acquiesced.
  11. The masters would not condemn us if we behaved perfectly.
  12. The masters would not hurt us if we were free of self-doubt and self-hatred.
  13. The masters would admire us if we played our roles well.
  14. The masters would love us if we sacrificed our needs and desires.
  15. The masters would nurture us if we were at peace and harmony.
  16. The masters would not dominate us if we were strong enough to have the power to control others.
  17. The masters would no longer threaten us if we disconnected to the point of hopeless isolation.
  18. The masters would grant us independence if we were fully loyal and dependent.
  19. The masters would entertain us if we did more and had more things.
  20. The masters would not be a threat if we ignored or denied their existence.

If you answered "yes" to two or more of the above questions, you are likely to have been oppressed and Slaves Anonymous might be helpful for you.

The questions above were inspired by the enneagram descriptions of Don Riso and Russ Hudson.


  • Riso, Don Richard. Enneagram Transformations: Releases and Affirmations For Healing Your Personality Type (1993). (pp. 15-16). New York City, NY: Houghton Mifflin.
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