Independent Media

Slaves within the matrix are encouraged and coerced to conform and obey from the earliest prenatal experiences to the last dying breath. Conventional media communications reinforce our slave programming to see the world in particular ways that made us easier to predict and control. As we strive toward more self-ownership in Slaves Anonymous, some of us turn toward “independent media” or “alternative media” to correct our distorted thinking. In the political-economic-sociocultural matrix, of course, many “alternatives” are really false ones that were designed to confuse us and keep us from creating the necessary conditions for emancipation of our local communities.

Yet, each of us can become savvy enough to evaluate sources of information for ourselves. In fact, we may have different opinions about the legitimacy of non-mainstream media sources amongst ourselves or even within ourself at different times. We see this diversity as a strength of our program. Some independent media sources that can help us begin to come out of denial and metanoia are listed below.

List of Independent Media Sources


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