“It is a great day for an Athenian boy when he is given a pedagogue. This slave['s] … prime business is to accompany the young master everywhere out-of-doors …; to carry his books and writing tablets; to give informal help upon his lessons; to keep him out of every kind of mischief; to teach him social good manners; to answer the thousand questions a healthy boy is sure to ask; and finally, in emergencies, if the schoolmaster or his father is not at hand, to administer a needful whipping.” —William Sterns Davis

Most school teachers are pedagogues who are enslaved by the public school system—a system that has been designed to create students who will become willing, obedient slaves within the enslaving matrix. One who was not is the John Taylor Gatto, who became a teacher illegally after borrowing his room mates' teaching license. This lack of indoctrination and psychological investment in the profession allowed him to approach it in his own way. After receiving the New York City teacher of the year award for 3 successive years, and as New York State Teacher of The Year, he publicly resigned announcing he no longer wished to hurt children to make a living. His book, The Underground History of American Education exposes the true purposes of the system of mass compulsion schooling.


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