“None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” —Goethe

Metanoia” is an uncommon word associated with several distinct concepts that were designed by the proxies of the slave masters many centuries ago with the intent to keep us enslaved. In Slaves Anonymous, we will not use the standard concepts associated with “metanoia” within the matrix. Instead, we will define “metanoia” to mean the opposite of “paranoia”, a mistaken fear of persecution. Therefore, “metanoia” is a form of denial that sees safety in a dangerous situations or benign intentions even when unwarranted.

In the matrix, slaves are trained and manipulated to be both paranoid and metanoid. As we began to come out of denial about being slaves, we considered the matrix of control to be benevolent in spite of our fear. But as we practiced the steps of Slaves Anonymous and studied good sources of independent media, we learned how the slave masters and their proxies have been conspiring to dominate, sicken, imprison and kill us. Our irrational fears subsided; and we began to face our real dangers. Metanoia is life-threatening: it keeps us from striving to create the conditions necessary for emancipation.


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