12-step groups

12-step groups are decentralized support networks of individuals who have accepted that an “unmanageable life” is a symptom of “character defects” exacerbated by a core addiction to a substance, behavior, or way of thinking. In Slaves Anonymous, we see our unmanageable lives to be exacerbated by a core addiction to the matrix of control that has trained and encouraged us to be slaves within it.

Members of 12-step groups are encouraged to focus exclusively on ones self (or ones coupleship1) to the exclusion of other persons or “outside issues”. In marked contrast, members of Slaves Anonymous choose to focus less intensively on ones self and more broadly on creating the conditions necessary for emancipation in our local communities.

The steps and traditions of Slaves Anonymous are antithetical to the ones used by 12-step groups. Consequently, Slaves Anonymous ought not be categorized as a 12-step group.

Is Slaves Anonymous participation appropriate for a 12-step group member?

We believe that Slaves Anonymous can complement your other 12-step program work. If your mind is open, you will be interested in learning more. Please be willing to do “God's will” and show up. Please be honest as you reflect on your perceptions and experiences in the context a matrix that enslaves. And then join us in creating emancipation.

Is Slaves Anonymous participation appropriate for someone without 12-step group experience?

If you have participated in Slaves Anonymous without prior 12-step group experiences, please consider answering this question.

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